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The Problem:

Many Entrepreneurs OR want-to-be Entrepreneurs have number of amazing Internet Business Ideas. However, due to various reasons they are not able to make a move towards making that idea a reality. Some times the feasibility of such idea, insufficient knowledge about development, not knowing right people in the business, no idea about possible competition and many such reasons hold them back. Due to this, our market may be missing on such potential entrepreneurs in our country.

What is Incubation Factory? :

Incubation Factory at RB Web Services, help all such entrepreneurs to...

[a] Discuss or Brain-Storm to find out the Feasibility of the idea.
[b] Design a Plan with optimum features (rather than have all features at once) and phase out the development.
[c] Develop the idea as a web-portal by selecting best possible and latest technical solutions and float it in the market.
[d] Decide the best way to go forward based on Analytical data of website usage.
[e] We also provide you with Virtual Office Address or Desk, which you can use for Business Communication

In Short, we work as Your Extended Team Or Technology Partner and not like a mean Vendor!

Why Incubation Factory? :

It wouldn't be a wise approach to completly dive into the idea without checking out its feasibility and on the ground success rate. At Incubation Factory of RB Web Services, we have Industry experts already worked on various Internet ventures and have learned with the time the tricks of the trade. Rather than making all entrepreneurs learn the hard way (or not learn at all), would it not be helpful to share the experience and provide better chances of success in the Internet business?

Enter the Incubation Factory and Test your Idea NOW, call us and help yourself become a successful Internet Entrepreneur.

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Why Choose RB Web

We understand and appreciate your intellectual property rights.We follow certain strict norms like:

1. Non-Disclosure Agreement.
2. Restricted rights on our Network.
3. Any other specific legal contractual agreement as per your needs.

If you are unsatisfied with our deliverable then we also have a money back policy in place. Besides, we also have 'pay-as-you-go' model in place, which ensures you go on paying module-by-module. This approach has dual benefit that you can pay the amount in installments and at the same time you can confirm and verify the quality of each delivery and then move on.
Even after our thorough testing and after your review and sign-off in case any bugs or issues identified then our team will fix those problems free of cost for 1 year from the date of delivery.
Our Money Back Policy, Free Bug Fix Policy speak themselves and vouch for our quality deliverable. We guarantee that every program we write is as per the current best practices of global IT industry.
We are your extended team and thus we would like you to know every stage of project development. We use certain online project tracking tools, which will be shared with you over Internet and you can track the progress of the assignment as real-time.
Our development process and Agile approach is set to ensure that our client is always updated with the current state of the project. Therefore the probability to deliver up to your expectations is high, and there is very less possibility that you will get some unwanted surprises at the time of software delivery.


  • Team at RB Web is very hard-working and honest. I have been working with this team for last 2 years and my engagement has only grown with them since then. Keep up the good work.

    Andor V
    Voxilo, Netherlands.
  • CrowdRecruiting has been my flagship project and I had tried a few development companies earlier and had burnt my fingers, it was only when I interacted with RB Web Services, I realized that Integrity, Intelligence, Dedication and Quality of Delivery are not only way of life in RB Web but its in there DNA. Thank you for all the good work and continuous support you guys provide...

    Mike Achilles,
    Founder, CrowdRecruiting
  • RB Web's result oriented approach and timely delivery helped finish our company website in less than a week. The team's proactive help was of immense benefit. I am happy to associate with RB Web as they seem to value the relationship than the commercials.

    Raja Narasimhan
    Director Dramatic Desserts Confectioneries Pvt. Ltd.
  • As a customer when we give projects to vendors we would love to have vendors who are: Competent, On Time, Most importantly-responsive. With RB Webservices one could not have asked for better responsiveness. If an email was sent to them with something we normally received a response in 60 minutes with an appropriate answer. Such a response time really helps faster development. Must say it was a delight to work with RB Web Service

    Ravi Gurbaxani,
    Founder & Big Data Architect at Techno-crafty Solutions LLP
  • RB Web Services is extremely easy to work with and is very professional. It has been a pleasure working with the team and they really ensured that RB Web Services work as your company's extended team.

    Rishi Kar,
    Founder/CEO, Learning Outcomes.
  • RB Web Services was one of the key driving influences in the development of my enterprise CRM. They have excellent communication skills with a very professional and methodical approach to team management and project development. Their drive, enthusiasm, passion and commitment to the project was second to none and ensured that everything they delivered was to the highest possible standard. It was a pleasure working with RB Web

    Russell King,
  • The team at RB Web Services has done a great job of making sense out of a hazy concept and created an awesome, praise worthy web portal out of it.. With their positive approach the team has always been open to discussion. Their vast experience helps them put practical perspective to ideas. Always accommodating for changes and suggesting cool workarounds, The team has been very patient and professional with their services. Kudos to the extremely talented team that developed many complex features and functionality that put my project well ahead of its competition. Happy with the project I definitely recommend RB Web Services for all your Web development needs.

    Varun Bhartiya,
    ProtoTech Solutions & Services

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